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I am a Bilingual Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Writer, and Latinx Advocate.

 Alicia Reynaga

I am a bilingual digital marketing strategist, content creator, and Latinx Advocate 

Highlighting diverse digital storytelling through marketing and meaningful travel.

This is me.

As a postgraduate, I have been able to use multimedia platforms to explore the nuances of Afro-Latinx culture as they interact with digital marketing and global affairs. 


I have experience managing numerous social media accounts across varying digital platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram which have gained hundreds of engagements and impressions. When finding the best approaches and methods to problem-solve I fuse influences from different creative outlets that inspire me. I would love to connect and collaborate on topics within digital marketing and journalism.


Cuba 2020

I create social media campaigns and manage accounts 


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Experiences &


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